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Longarm Service

Quilting Your Quilts
Let us quilt your  project and take it to it's final stage of completion.   We quilt on a Handi Quilter Fusion Longarm Machine with Pro Stitcher computerization.  

Preparing Your Quilt Top:

  •  All quilt tops should be  well pressed squared up prior to check in.
  •  Trim all loose threads from both the  top and back of quilt top.
  •  If  you are providing the batting, please make sure the batting is at least two inches longer and wider than the quilt top.
  •  Backing fabric should be well pressed with seams pressed open.
  •  Backing fabric MUST be a minimum of 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than the quilt top.


Please NOTE:  Backing will be measured upon check in, if the backing does not meet the minimum size requirement, it cannot be checked in.


We offer the following services/price points:
All Over Meandering :  
This is the most economical way to quilt your project.  Pricing is .0175 per square inch (multiply the length x the width of your quilt top to get your total square inches.)  This price includes solid thread.  For variegated threads there is a $5.00 thread fee.
Edge to Edge Designs:
Choose from our many edge to edge designs to accent your quilt design, whether modern, floral or novelty.   Pricing starts at .02 per square inch for larger open designs; .025 cents per square inch for denser designs or large designs that have been requested to resize denser by more than 50% original size.  Price includes solid thread.  For variegated threads there is a $5.00 thread fee.

Trimming Service:
Up to 60" x 60" Quilt - 8.00
Over 60" x 60" up to 72" x 96" (twin size) - 12.00
Queen  - 15.00
King - 20.00

Binding Services - 
Making the Binding - 

Crib/Throw (up to 60" x 60" ) - 10.00
 up to Twin - 15.00
 up to Queen - 20.00
up to King - 25.00

Sewing the Binding to the Quilt: 
Machine stitched to both front & back of quilts - .10 per linear inch
Machine stitched to front /hand stitched to back - .25 per linear inch
(add up the 4 inches... & multiply by cost per inch)

Custom Quilting:
We will custom quilt your quilt and fees start at approx .035 per square inch.
Custom quilting is quoted upon a consultation and varies depending upon the intricacies of the design, thread changes, etc.

Design Requests : Any special request designs that we do not have  in our library will  incur a $10 design set up fee.

Lets do the Math!


To Calculate longarm services: 

Length x Width = Square inches

Square inches x price per square in. = cost



Quilt measures 60 x 60 

60” x 60” = 3600”

3600” x .0175 = $63.00


To Calculate Binding Attachment:

 Length + Width + Length + Width= Linear inches

Linear inches x requested service = cost



Quilt Measures 60 x 60

60+ 60+60+ 60 = 240”
240" x .10 = $24.00