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Floriani 15th Anniversary Thread Set & Designs


  • 30 BRAND NEW Floriani Polyester Colors
  • Floral Tapestry Design Set
  • Under the Sea Design Set

A BRAND NEW ENCORE SET! Just in time for the Spring that kicks off our 15th Anniversary celebration, we have another Encore set of all new, limited-edition Floriani colors in our 1000m polyester threads! Long time Floriani thread fans have loved previous Encore Editions, and this Floriani 15th Anniversary Spring Encore Thread Set will be no different. To make the offer really something to celebrate, we’ve included two of our most popular Design Collections to take advantage of these vibrant Spring colors for FREE! Normally the Floral Tapestry and Under The Sea sets are worth $150 retail value together, but they’ll ship with the Encore set for its price of just $99.99!