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Embellish Rinse Away Clear Topper 15 x 10

Water Soluble Film
Embellish- Rinse-Away Clear Topper is for the use of providing a smooth embroidering surface for your machine, preventing imperfections in the fabric from affecting your embroidery stitches. This product washes away clean and provides stability to the top surface of your fabric, keeping your stitches elevated. Embellish- Rinse-Away Clear Topper is perfect for textured fabrics such as corduroy, velvet, pique, knit, fleece, lycra, spandex, raised seams and more.
Embellish- Rinse-Away Clear Topper can be used to prevent hoop burn on delicate fabrics. Ever have your embroidery foot get caught underneath in-the-hoop projects? To prevent this from happening, cut a piece slightly smaller than your hoop and tape all four sides of the topper to your hooped projects, preventing any access for the foot to slip in-between fabrics. Use Embellish- Rinse-Away Clear Topper to trace your favorite quilt patt­ern to use as a visual guide for free motion stitching!
To use Embellish Rinse-Away Clear Topper: Place the stabilized garment in the hoop and secure the hoop on the machine. Complete the centering and alignment of the design. Cut a piece of Embellish- Rinse-Away Clear Topper slightly larger than the size of the design and place it on top of the fabric. Secure the Topping to the surface of the garment with tape or by moistening the corners. Complete the embroidery. Tear away as much of the topping as possible. Remove any remnants by moistening with a damp cloth, Q-Tip or steam from an iron.
*Tip- If your embroidery design is a satin stitch type embroidery and/or doesn't have an outline, use a wet Q-Tip to go around the edge of the design before tearing any of the Topping away. This will prevent any distortion of the stitching.
* Embellish Rinse-Away Clear Topper should be stored in an air-tight container after opening to prevent it from drying out.