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Husqvarna Lily - Trade In

The Made in Sweden Lily 535 is quite a few steps up from your average sewing machine, boasting an array of utility stitches, decorative stitches and advanced functions such as a Exclusive Sewing Advisor, automatic buttonhole stitching and automatic finishing off of a stitch.It is a user friendly, extremely versatile machine that will take your craft to the next level!

Stitches include straight stitch, reinforced straight stitch, stretch stitch, zig-zag and three step zig-zag stitches, overcast, overlock and flatlock stitches, elastic blind hem and bridging stitch, 10 different decorative stitches, 3 types of hem stitches, a satin and tapered satin stitch, decorative edging stitches, darning stitch, and keyhole and bartack buttonhole stitches.

The Exclusive Sewing Adviser even tells you what needle and presser foot to use and what the thread

these are trade in machines . They are thoroughly  serviced and in like new condition