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Brother Multi Function Foot Controller

Industry First! Adjustable and programmable bi-pedal foot controller offers hands-free control of 3 vital quilting and sewing functions. Replaces the traditional foot pedal. This optional digitally-controlled, direct motor-driven accessory foot was designed for difficult projects which require special handling- so you can rest assure that your ability to move it smoothly is just a touch away.

Three Programmable Toe Touch functions: The functions are programmable through the touch screen on your DreamWeaver or DreamWeaver XE machine.

  • Thread Cutting
  • Reverse Stitch
  • Needle Up & Down

    Use this multi-function, 2-pedal foot controller to control up to 3 different sewing functions, all with the press of your foot. It allows you to operate your machine while still holding on to your project with two hands. 

    Simply replace the single-pedal, single-function foot controller included with your DreamWeaver XE Innov-is VM6200D or DreamWeaver Innov-is VQ3000 with this multi-function controller, and program the foot controller functions through the LCD display on your machine. 

    This two-pedal controller can be set to control thread cutting, single stitch sewing, reverse stitch sewing, and moving the needle up and down; the small pedal can be set to control one function, and the larger pedal can be set to control two functions.