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Brother 10x10 Magnetic Hoop (SAMS254)


The latest addition to the Hoopnetic Series, the NEW Brother 10″x10″ Magnetic Hoop is lightweight and easy to use. With eight strong magnets, hoop materials up to 2 MM in thickness


  • Brother: Luminaire XP1, XP2, and XP3
  • Baby Lock: Solaris and Solaris 2
The Brother Hoopnetic 10″x10″ Magnetic Hoop is the latest magnetic frame from Brother. Lightweight and easy to use with 8 powerful magnets, this hoop can be used with fabrics up to 2 mm thick. It is the perfect complement to the smaller 5″x7″ Magnetic Frame released in 2022, allowing you to hoop edge-to-edge quilting projects with easy.
The Hoopnetic Frame makes easy work of re-hooping fabric, allowing you to simply slide the fabric along the frame as needed. These magnets are strong enough to prevent fabrics from shifting during embroidery.